11 Platforms to Sell Digital Products

Crafter, creator, merchants must have multiple sources on where to buy and sell digital products. If you want to earn extra money and you happens to be extra good at designing any digital products, such as planner, cutting files, SVG files, calendar, and many more, selling your design as digital products might be a good idea to earn extra money.

Here is a list of ecommerce platforms to sell digital goods. These are the tools to sell digital items, sometimes they are offering courses, subscriptions, and advance services for digital rights management.

Selling digital files has never been easier.

Anyone can have an online store these days. Thanks to the rapid growing of technology, everyone can have access from everywhere. But, which platform should you use to sell digital files?

Platform to sell digital files

1. Creative Market

creative market
creative market

Creative Market was our first platform for selling digital products. The website has over 9 million members who purchase graphics, fonts, brushes, templates, photos, web theme, etc. You can also set the price for your digital files, also there’s no exclusivity lock-in, so you are free to sell your digital files on other marketplace.

Products will go live instantly and you don’t have to wait for their approval for each product. Creative Market also has simple messaging system to respond to request, it helps you to connect with your customer. You can open your store in here.

2. Design Bundles

design bundles
design bundles

Design Bundles comes second platform for selling digital products. It is a marketplace which allows graphic designers to register and sell their digital products. You can upload your work like, SVG, printables, fabric craft, sewing patterns, patterns, illustrations, plugins, presets, template, and many more.

Design Bundles needs to see your portfolio when you first signup as their creator. Once you are accepted, you can start listing your product for free. You get to keep 75% of your total sales, which is a huge amount! You can open your store in here.

3. Etsy

etsy seller
etsy seller

Etsy might be the easiest platform to start selling you digital products. They had roughly 96 million active buyers and rapidly growing. Etsy focused on handmade goods, but they open door for other type of seller. You can sell from planner, social media template, wordpress theme, cutting files, the limit is endless!

Etsy giving you an easy access to upload your product, you can list your work in 10 minutes, with only $0.2 on your item. They also have tools & services to make it easier for you to manage your store.

4. Envato Elements

envato elements

Envato Elements is a platform where authors can sell their items directly to customers. Authors upload their work, from website templates to stock footage, and then users buy and license the item.

Envato Elements is a subscriptions based, so they have plenty of an existing members, which bring new market to your work. It is free to start as an author in Envato Elements, but you have to pass their curated team first.

5. Freepik


Freepik can easily provide you with a huge community of users. You can create photos, vectors, illustrations, mockups, template, etc. Their tools also easy to use and you will get money per every download your resources get. As simple as that!

Freepik is using pay per download method, which contributors are paid depending on their content downloads. They offer pays a bonus of $2.5 per 1.000 downloads per illustration, it is such a nice thing to earn extra money!

6. Redbubble


Redbubble is a print-on-demand service platform, you can sell your design for free and put your design in any products. From socks, tumbler, phone case, shirt, hat, and many more. Creating a listing in Redbubble is easy and quick, it is also free!

You can set your own royalty rate, and you just need to collect the payout, while Redbubble take care of the rest. Millions of visitors come to Redbubble looking for their weirdly meaningful thing.

7. Zazzle


Zazzle is a great platform to monetize your content or creative services and create passive income oppotunities. What’s so great about Zazzle is you can set the royalty rate for your design and they handles all of the product fulfillment and customer service while you collect a paycheck. You can open a store in Zazzle for free and they have tons of tutorials and guide to help you open your store.

Zazzle reach more than 30 million monthly shoppers, which is a huge amount of potential buyers. It is a marketplace where it connect customers to the best custom goods. You can open a store in Zazzle for free and just focus on creating retail-quality products!

8. Sellfy


Sellfy is a print-on-demand service, you can sell your design and apply it to mugs, shirt, bags, etc. Don’t worry! You just need to upload your design and they will take care of the rest. It’s such an easy to use eCommerce for anyone. You can start pretty easily just in a couple clicks.

Sellfy also offer 24/7 support that will be ready to answer any questions. They offer 4 plans, started from free to $99/month.

9. Payhip


Payhip is an all-in-one platform, everything you need to start, scale, and manage your business. They offer plenty of marketing features that you need to grow your business, which include affiliate marketing, offer coupons, shopping cart, social discount, and mailing list.

Payhip also has pay-what-you-want pricing features, which allows customers the freedom to name their price and you can set a minimum. You can sell digital downloads, online courses, coaching, memberships, and physical products. Payhip offer 3 simple plans, and one of them is free forever!

10. Podia


Podia put your website, digital products, and community in one platform that’s easy to use. You could have a beautiful and free website in the next 10 minutes. It has all the tools you’ll need to grow your community.

You can sell from online courses, digital downloads, webinars, coaching, and consultations. They also offer affiliates marketing for your own products. Prodia offer four levels in plans & pricing, which will give you plenty options to suit your need.

11. Design Cuts

design cuts
design cuts

Design Cuts offer tons of discount and special deals, this could be a huge magnet for potential buyers. Their curating team will help you choose your best design to showcase in their platform and they always ready to help you with any questions.

Design Cuts only showcase a small number of curated products so your products get seen. The only down side on this is it might be a little hard to submit any designs. This platform also regularly promote your brand in their live events, which will be get seen by tens of thousand of viewers.

Have you find which platform that suits you best?

I do hope that you find a platform for you to sell your digital products. From all platform, I think you should try at least half of it to really find which one is a good fit for you. Finding a good platform isn’t just about fee and money, but it is also about their after sales, customer support, audience, what you sell, and many more.

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